About Platinum PR

Platinum PR is a boutique style public relations firm specializing in the successful promotion of rock & metal bands - especially from the stoner, sludge, doom & heavy rock underground scene.
Founded in 2010 by former Tiefdruck-Musik publicity powerhouse Mona Miluski, Platinum-PR boasts an intimate roster of well respected, underground artists and musically diverse talent with DIY ethics much like her own. With the prowess to represent high quality music, Mona’s passion, drive and love of heavy rock has remained as true as her honesty and integrity for her work. This in turn has earned her a loyal family of friends and musicians. Not just clients.

To the current artist roster of Platinum PR belong bands such as Alunah (UK),  Moonbow (US), Satellite Beaver (PL), Dad Maria (GER), Johnny Deathshadow (GER) Lofft (GER), Platinum PR also proudly represents the PR for US heavy rock label Ripple Music and its artists.

With the music industry continuing to change, many artists today are self-funded,  producing self-released albums and booking their own tours without label support.  Highlighting the talent and vision of the individual band, Platinum-PR makes sure each press campaign is unique and tailor-made to reflect the artist’s virtues while utilizing both national and local contacts ,giving bands the targeted exposure they’re looking for while building on their image, sound and achievements.Signed or unsigned, in a market where CD sales have started to give way to the phenomenon of digital download, having an independent press agent who understands your band is important. Mona studied “Media Sciences” at the University of Hamburg in Germany but it was her job as publicist for the Hamburg based record label where she ultimately cut her teeth and got the hands on experience and confidence to start her own company.
The Devil is in the details and today Mona has the ability to work with artists who interest her. This gives her the advantage to get to know the bands she represents on a deeper level in regards to their music, lyrics and overall vibe allowing her to create the best possible press campaign to suit their needs in a relaxed, friendly and personal way.

 “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Mona and Platinum PR! The high quality of the bands that choose to work with her speaks for itself, but most importantly - as a rocker herself - Mona really understand the needs of the heavy music community.  She’s the best choice for us to spread the Ripple brand of heavy rock around the world.” 
- Ripple Music -